1.     Keep your statement to about 90 seconds.

2.     Start out by giving your name, where you live and a brief description of your situation.

3.     Don’t give a speech or “get political.” Just imagine you are talking in a conversational way to a loved one, co-worker or neighbor.

4.     Keep your eye focused on the camera on your screen.

5.     Mention how all or some of these three health care reform issues would impact you personally:


  • No cuts to Medicaid that would turn back the clock on the limb-loss/mobility impaired community in terms of access to needed treatment and state-of-the-art devices;

  • No waivers as to rehabilitative and habilitative services (an essential health benefit) that could be used to deny access to care and treatment for amputees; and

  • No changes to authorize higher premiums with respect to amputation as a pre-existing condition that could interfere with coverage access.

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