NEW MUSEUM STARS is launched!  

Over 150 Leading Museology and Masters for Fine Arts (MFA) Programs Enlisted to Identify Top Students; Easy Online Video Submission Allows “Stars” to Shine on National Stage.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 18, 2017 – “New Museum Star” is launching today online at as part of the MOV! Broadcast Network’s new push to identify and showcase the museum curators and docents of tomorrow. The work of the best “New Museum Stars” will be featured on various MOV! channels, including Curators & Docents.

More than 300 department heads and faculty members at over 150 college and university museology and Masters of Finance Arts (MFA) programs are being enlisted by MOV! to encourage possible “New Museum Star” entrants to go to the Web site at to submit videos.

Entrants are able to record their video directly on the site and then send it to MOV! Videos will be reviewed during May and June. The best of the New Museum Star entrants will be engaged to generate longer-form programming for MOV! about museum exhibits, specific pieces of art, archeological digs, historical artifacts and other items.

The MOV! Broadcast Network features more than a dozen channel that are available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, smart TVs and other devices.

New Museum Star is the creation of MOV! CEO Gloria J. Fredricks, who is an oil painter, sculptor and interior designer: “Museum curators and docents are among the great unsung heroes of the art world. They have never received their proper due and ‘New Museum Star’ is intended to shine a spotlight on the best emerging talent on college campuses. We believe that our bright and energetic young Stars can help reinvigorate museum going by using the power of television to connect with millennials and other young Americans.”

Fredricks continued: “We want to want to know what moves these most talented students. We want to share in their studies and pursuits. For those who are working at museums and historical and archeological sites this summer, we want them to take us along with them. Museums must continue to play a vital role in American life and we want to honor those who will ensure that they do.”

MOV! is currently speaking with organizations interested in supporting its broader mission, which includes planned foundation activity such as art in the schools, art camps, art competitions, and the promotion of art around the world.

Gloria J. Fredricks is a resident of Washington, D.C., Minnesota and Arizona. For 10 years, she has been a full-time practicing artist, with a focus on plein air oil painting, figurative drawings, photography, sculpture, fashion design, and the culinary arts. Fredricks ran an interior design firm for 15 years. Her works have been featured in a variety of shows throughout the U.S. and have been sold to collections internationally. She is member of Landscape Artists International, International Plein Air Painters, and a signature member of Northern Plains Artists. For more information, go to

MOV!, the parent company of Art Walk America, is the growing center of a number of new brands and services designed by artists for artists .and those who appreciate the arts. MOV! products and services evoke strong responses from their users. MOV! will move you.

MEDIA CONTACT: Alex Frank, for New Museum Star and MOV! Broadcast Network, (703) 276-3264 or


MOV! Broadcast Network welcomes you to our robust and ambitious art initiatives. MOV! creates bridges between people and the arts in museums, art events, galleries and studios.

We endeavor to expand the role and visibility of Curators and Docents beyond museum walls. MOV! seeks to fully integrate your work into classrooms and homes through the most advanced means of engagement, including television delivered traditionally as well as through all mobile devices. We create connections in many languages and cultures as we broadcast and reach people around the world. 

MOV! has launched many important and groundbreaking programs recently in our efforts to support the arts, art education, artists, and museums. 

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about and join us in these vibrant initiatives:


MOV! ART! to the world!

Thank you,


Gloria J. Fredricks

Founder & CEO

MOV! Broadcast Network


Scott E. Stapf

Founder & CEO

The Hastings Group

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